Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial


Inclusion Criteria:
  • Asymptomatic women age 40 and over
  • Scheduled for screening mammogram
  • Able to tolerate digital breast tomosynthesis and full-field digital mammographic imaging required by protocol
  • Willing and able to provide a written informed consent.
Exclusion Criteria:
  • Presenting for mammography with symptoms of breast disease
  • Have new breast complaints (e.g. lump, nipple discharge)
  • Have had a mammogram of both breasts within the last 11 months
  • Previous personal history of breast cancer
  • Has breast enhancements (e.g. implants or injections)
  • Pregnancy or intent to become pregnant.

Interested in this trial?

Print this page and take it to your doctor to discuss your eligibilty and treatment options. Only your doctor can refer you to a clinical trial.


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